[Met-jobs] Three Research Fellow (postdoctoral fellows) at ARCCSS Centre of Excellence (Australia)

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Dear Colleague,

I would like to bring you attention to three new postdoctoral
opportunities in Australia, as part of the Australian Research Council
Centre of Excellence for Climate System Science. These are 3-year fixed
term positions aimed at improving our understanding of the ocean’s role
in the climate system.

1. Biogeochemical Oceanographer, Institute for Marine and Antarctic
Studies, University of Tasmania.
This position will focus on biogeochemical modelling in a high
resolution global ocean model.
Contact: Dr Peter Strutton, ,

2. Postdoctoral Fellow / Research Fellow, Research School of Earth
Sciences, Australian National University.
This position will focus on the development of high resolution ocean
models for use in climate studies.
Contact: Dr Andy Hogg,
For more information see:

3. Research Fellow in Physical Oceanography, Institute for Marine and
Antarctic Studies, University of Tasmania.
This position will focus on human influences on the oceans using
observations and climate model data. It includes research on ocean
boundary currents, ocean variability and ocean extreme events including
hotspot regions.

Contact: Professor Nathan Bindoff and Neil Holbrook,

Please feel free bring these positions to the attention of suitable
applicants, and apologies for any cross-posting.

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