[Caglist] Postdoctoral Fellow – Hydrological modelling and data assimilation

Hydrological modelling and data assimilationModelling for the Diagnosis of Environmental Change

The Global Institute for Water Security (GIWS) at the University of
Saskatchewan (UofS) is leading Canada’s Changing Cold Regions
Network (CCRN). CCRN aims to understand, diagnose and predict
interactions amongst the cryospheric, ecological, hydrological and
climate components of the changing Earth system at multiple scales.
With a focus on Western Canada’s rapidly changing cold interior,
this major initiative links 8 Canadian universities, 4 government
agencies and 15 international academic collaborators. CCRN is
investigating a set of critical cold region environments, including
the Western Cordillera, Western Boreal Forest, Lowland Permafrost
and Prairies, and their integrated response at the scales of the
Saskatchewan and Mackenzie river basins and the regional climate
Environment Canada (EC) is a key partner in CCRN, and has a
particular interest in improving its large-scale modelling
capability, i.e. land surface schemes and large-scale hydrological
We invite applications for the following post in modelling research.
For this appointment, an ability to work in a team of researchers
across multiple projects and disciplines is necessary.
Modelling for the Diagnosis of Environmental Change (Howard Wheater,
John Pomeroy, CCRN) A Postdoctoral Fellow is required to develop
modelling tools for the diagnosis of change using cold region
hydrological and hydro-ecological process models within a framework
of uncertainty analysis, and to support their uptake and application
in process and modelling studies across the network. The successful
applicant will have excellent computational and programming skills
and previous experience of algorithm development and analysis of
model performance using multi-objective, Monte-Carlo based methods
for parameter identifiability and uncertainty analysis.
Interested applicants are encouraged to contact Kate Wilson,
Executive Assistant, by 3 March 2015, with a copy of their CV, a
cover letter and the name and contact information for three
references at kate.wilson@usask.ca. Postdoctoral fellows will hold
their academic appointment with the School of Environment and
Sustainability or the Department of Geography and Planning.

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