[ECOLOG-L] Quantitative Ecologist Position NEON

Quantitative Ecologist in the Aquatic Group at the National Ecological Observatory Network (NEON).

Job Summary
Reporting to the Assistant Director for Aquatic Sciences the Quantitative Ecologist will work closely with members of the Aquatic Team in their effort to develop the Program and STREON experiment. Further, the Quantitative Ecologist will perform a variety of leadership tasks and will bring to the team a broad range of scientific expertise. The Quantitative Ecologist will also support active engagement between the Observatory and the broader science community; and promote scientific advancements in continental-scale ecology relevant to the Observatory mission. The Aquatic team is involved in several related science areas, including freshwater (surface and groundwater) and sediment chemistry; algae and aquatic plants, invertebrates, microbes and fish; stream morphology and lake bathymetry; riparian mapping; stream discharge; meteorology and the STREON experiment. The Quantitative Ecologist will develop groundbreaking approaches to statistical work aimed at developing and validating data algorithms in support of data product development. The Quantitative Ecologist will be responsible for guiding the Aquatic team directive in data product development and work closely with Computer Scientists, Information Technologists and System Engineers, to develop requirements in support of the roll-out of data and data products during the Commissioning of the Observatory. Further, the Quantitative Ecologist will provide guidance and statistical support in developing approaches to optimize ecological sampling designs and data analyses. Particular emphasis will be on assisting with evaluation of sampling designs and temporal sampling strategies for a wide range of physical, biological and chemical measurements. The ideal candidate will also have the capability to develop approaches for quantifying and tracking uncertainty, QA/QC, calculating error budgets, and developing models for trend detection. This position is located in Boulder, CO at the Headquarters for the National Ecological Observatory Network (NEON).

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