2yr Post-Doc Opportunity: Artificial drainage networks evolution in land reclamation areas

2yr Post-Doc Opportunity: Artificial drainage networks evolution in land reclamation areas

University of Padova (Italy), Department of Land, Environment, Agriculture and Forestry -TESAF


The Land, Environment, Agriculture and Forestry Department at the University of Padova (Italy), invites applications for one dynamic and motivated postdoctoral scientist able to spend 2yr working at a very challenging topic. The candidate should be available to spend also few months in UK at Aberystwyth University, and in New Zealand at Massey University. 


Summary of the research:  

One of the most important human domination of the land system is the creation of reclamation and drainage networks that have a key role in agricultural and environmental sustainability, and can transform landscapes and shape history. During the past century, following the land-use changes, such networks faced deep alterations due to urbanization and soil consumption, but also due to demographic pressure, and changes in technological innovation, and agricultural techniques. The drainage networks transformation can imply a number of serious hydraulic dysfunctions, to the point that inadequate and inappropriate drainage became perhaps one of the most severe problems leading to harmful environmental effects, as underlined by the numerous recent floods affecting the floodplains in Europe. The plain of the Veneto Region in Northeast Italy is today one of the most extensive inhabited and economically competitive urban landscapes in Europe, where the economic growth of recent decades resulted in the creation of industrial agro-systems. In the diffuse urban landscape of the Veneto Region, spatial and water infrastructure transformations have been accompanied by serious and frequent hydraulic problems. Focusing on the Veneto peculiar landscape, but also on different land reclamation areas in other Countries outside Italy, the aim of this project is to address the modification of the artificial drainage networks during the past century, as an example of human landscape interaction and its possible implication on land use planning and management.

The project also aims to provide a climatic characterization, quantifying the changes in the rainfall regime, and its effects on the network response. The use of recent remotely sensed technologies for topographic surveys will allow large scale analysis of the current network conformation, and will allow to quantitatively measure the effects of network changes on the hydrological behavior of the area, identifying the most critical sites, where to focus the management.


Minimum Job Requirements:

Qualifications for this position include a Ph.D. in geography, geomorphology, hydrology, soil science or a related field of agricultural, forest and environmental sciences. The candidate will have experience in working with remote sensing (lidar, in addition to satellite, aerial photographs and historical maps), and modeling applications at various scales. The successful candidate should be experienced in remote sensing, computational skills, and statistics. Proficiency programing and performing data analysis using tools such as C++, Matlab, ENVI, R, and GIS is required. Other advantageous background includes experience in working in interdisciplinary research projects, and working well in a team environment. 

Strong English language skills both in oral and written communication are required. The candidate indeed will be involved, as corresponding author, at least in two ISI papers. 



The work, under the supervision of Prof. Paolo Tarolli, is mainly based at the University of Padova (Italy). However it involves intense travels abroad and collaboration with international project partners: Prof. Mark Macklin at Aberystwyth University (UK) and Prof. Ian Fuller at Massey University (New Zealand).



Salary will be €23,333 per annum (tot. €46,666) for candidates who meet the criteria.  



The online call, will be available in the website of Department of Land, Environment, Agriculture and Forestry (http://ift.tt/1HePbQN), starting from mid of May 2015 until mid of June 2015. The candidate will be selected by the end of July 2015. 


The Post-Doc will start from September 2015 until September 2017. 


For informal enquiries or further details, please contact Professor Paolo Tarolli (paolo.tarolli@unipd.it)

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