[GilbertClub] crazy about rivers too and looking for an academic position?

Assistant Professor/Lecturer in River and Delta Morphodynamics (0.8-1 FTE) at Utrecht University, Faculty of Geosciences

We seek an excellent researcher/educator in the field of river and estuary (bio)morphodynamics, process-based fluvial sedimentology and/or deltaic systems.

This research group is rapidly expanding, which offers fantastic opportunities to build bridges between morphodynamics, ecology, engineering and geology based on experiments, numerical modelling and field data.

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Prof. dr. M.G. Kleinhans
|||| Chair in Process Sedimentology and Fluviodeltaic Morphodynamics, Veni, Vidi & Vici laureate | Faculty of Geosciences | Universiteit Utrecht |PO box 80115 | 3508 TC Utrecht, The Netherlands | tel (+31) 30 2532405 | fax (+31) 30 2531145 | http://www.geo.uu.nl/fg/mkleinhans/ | m.g.kleinhans@uu.nl |

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