[Met-jobs] Multiple positions at NOAA/University of Colorado

The Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences (CIRES) at University of Colorado Boulder is seeking candidates for multiple positions in the fields of scientific programming, database management, and web programming. Successful candidates will work with NOAA Earth System Research Laboratory (ESRL) scientists on analyzing observations of atmospheric greenhouse gas concentrations.

The Global Monitoring Division at NOAA ESRL collects air samples from around the world, measures trace gas species in those samples, and studies those measurements to produce analyses like CarbonTracker, GLOBALVIEW, and the Annual Greenhouse Gas Index. ESRL processes thousands of air samples each year and is responsible for tracking these results in database systems and making results available to scientists and the general public. Simulating greenhouse gas distributions in the atmosphere requires high-resolution, accurate meteorological models, implemented on high-performance computing systems.
Scientific programmers and data specialists are needed to support greenhouse gas observations processing and modeling activities at ESRL. Duties include working with project scientists to develop and implement new atmospheric models, support existing codes, manage database systems, perform quality-control analysis of observations, conduct simulations, develop new software, help to prepare product releases, and manage group computing resources. Applicants should be familiar with a broad range of software tools on Unix systems and should be comfortable working as part of a collaborative team.

Position description and application instructions can be found at http://ift.tt/1EDkO5w.

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