[Met-jobs] Fwd: Two Postdoctoral Research Associates Positions Available – Wolfson Atmospheric Chemistry Laboratories, University of York, UK

Research Associates (×2)

Wolfson Atmospheric
Chemistry Laboratories

University of
York, UK

We are seeking two PDRAs (up to 36
months each) to support our ongoing work in atmospheric chemical mechanism
development. As part of the NERC funded “Mechanisms for Atmospheric chemistry:
GeneratioN, Interpretation and FidelitY (MAGNIFY)” project we are looking for
chemically, numerically and computationally talented individuals to work with
us on developing the next generation of benchmark atmospheric chemical
mechanisms (MCMv4.0: http://ift.tt/1c2lffd)
through automated mechanism generation and the development of a database
infrastructure to host, explore and exploit this and other mechanisms.

The project will exploit a range of
unconventional approaches (cheminfomatics, expert systems, graph theory and
statistics) and thus would be suitable for candidates with a wide range of
backgrounds (chemistry, physics, maths, computer science, engineering etc…).

If you are interested or know of any
potential candidates please direct them to the following  job briefs: 
http://bit.ly/1z7A8qN and http://bit.ly/1EERJst and to contact
either Andrew Rickard (andrew.rickard@york.ac.uk) or Mat Evans (mat.evans@york.ac.uk) for more

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