[GilbertClub] PhD Assistant, University of Lausanne, Switzerland: Coarse sediment transport at tributary junctions

I would be very grateful indeed if the following announcement could be posted:

The Institute of Earth Surface Dynamics wishes to appoint 

1. A PhD student (Fonds Nationals Suisse) to work on monitoring and modeling coarse sediment transfer at river junctions. Full details are available at:


Deadline for applications: 29th May 2015

2. A PhD student and teaching assistant (funding from Canton Vaud) to work on the biogeochemistry of Alpine soils. Full details are available at


Deadline for applications: 1st June 2015

Details of the hosting institute for both positions are available at:


With many thanks

Stuart Lane


Prof. Stuart N. Lane         stuart.lane@unil.ch

Director, Institute of Earth Surface Dynamics, 

Faculté des géosciences et l’environnement, Université de Lausanne

Bureau 3207, Batiment Géopolis, Quartier Mouline,

LAUSANNE CH1015, Suisse


T (+41) (0) 21 692 3607 (bureau)

T (+41) (0) 21 692 3530 / 4400 (secrétariat)

F (+41) (0) 21 692 3075

Managing Editor, Earth Surface Processes and Landforms

Editor-in-Chief, WIRES Water

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