[ECOLOG-L] JOB: Post-Doc in Grassland Disturbance Ecology

POST-DOC with a degree in ecology, epidemiology, invasion biology,
conservation biology, or related field wanted to conduct research on the
impact of energy development and concomitant habitat disturbance on
populations, communities, and/or ecosystem services. Over 200,000 oil and
methane gas sites in the Bakken oilfield are projected to impact close to 1
million acres of northern plains rangeland by 2030. This disturbance is
dispersed into five to ten-acre oil and gas well pads, connected by
pipelines and roads. As each well ends production, the site must undergo
revegetation to restore sites to productive rangeland. Revegetation is an
opportunity to not only reclaim sites, but also to improve surrounding
rangeland and agricultural lands through better water retention, invasion
resistance, pollinator services, and pest control. The post-doc will direct
field data collection and analyze a dataset of soil function, plant
community composition, and bird habitat across gradients of disturbance.
The post-doc will also design and implement ex situ or in silico experiments
to be conducted over the winter that support project goals.
Responsibilities include statistical analysis of the aforementioned dataset,
field work, working in a multiple-PI team environment, and manuscript
preparation. This 2-year position is with the USDA-ARS in Sidney Montana and
has a US citizenship requirement.
For full job ad, please see
http://ift.tt/1TtwkqQ. We will begin
reviewing applications on August 1 and anticipate a start date in Fall 2015.
Contact for this position is Erin Espeland erin.espeland@ars.usda.gov

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