[Met-jobs] NERC funded PhD position available in York: Development of ultra-high resolution mass spectrometry to study atmospheric aerosol pollution

A NERC funded PhD position on the “Development of ultra-high resolution mass spectrometry to study atmospheric
aerosol pollution” is now available at the Wolfson Atmospheric Chemistry Laboratories. Department of Chemistry, University of York for an October 2015 start.  This project will develop a state of the art method to characterize the
chemical composition of atmospheric aerosol and study the way it changes
over time as it is transported downwind from its source. The student
will design chromatographic methods for the new ultra-high resolution
mass spectrometer (Orbitrap-MS) available in the Wolfson Atmospheric
Chemistry Laboratories at the University of York. The aim of the project
is to investigate the sources of organic compounds in samples from a
range of locations including the UK, China and India and to develop
strategies to quantify aerosol compounds that are not commercially
available, allowing the importance of man made versus natural emissions
to be investigated. The project will provide excellent
multidisciplinary training in analytical and atmospheric science, and
cross-cutting skills in instrumentation and complex data handling. The
student will have the opportunity to take part in a range of NERC funded
smog chamber and field experiments and to present their research at
international conferences. Closing date for applications is the 31st August 2015Interviews will be held on the 14th September 2015For more information see the following website:http://ift.tt/1HGvmB8 further information and informal discussion, please contact Dr Jacqui
Hamilton (jacqui.hamilton@york.ac.uk).

Wolfson Atmospheric Chemistry
LaboratoriesThe new Wolfson Atmospheric Chemistry Laboratories (WACL) were established in 2013 and comprise a
state of the art 800 m2 dedicated research building, the first of
its kind in the UK. Supported by a large award from the Wolfson Foundation and
a private donor, the Laboratories enable experimental and theoretical studies
relating to the science of local and global air pollution, stratospheric ozone
depletion and climate change. The Laboratories offer access to state of the
art facilities for atmospheric science, including analysis labs, workshops,
prototyping facilities, high performance computation and data analysis. WACL
provides an environment with exceptional scientific and technical support for
PhDs including full-time experimental officers, instrument design, data and
fieldwork specialists. The
Laboratories are operated as collaborative venture between the University of
York and the National Centre for Atmospheric Science (NCAS), co-locating around
40 researchers from seven academic groups and from NCAS. The Laboratories are a
vibrant home to independent research fellows, postdoctoral researchers, PhD
students and final year undergraduate research projects

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