[ES_JOBS_NET] New job opening @ Berkeley: geospatial informatics program coodinator

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Subject: New job opening @ Berkeley: geospatial informatics program coodinator
Academic Coordinator III Position
This is a unique academic position within the University of California th=
at allows for intellectual=20
growth, interaction with multiple scientists and academics, and the devel=
opment of impactful=20
data driven solutions to California=92s agricultural and natural resource=
The University of California, Division of Agriculture and Natural Resourc=
es (UC ANR),=20
Informatics and Geographic Information Systems (IGIS) Program is seeking =
a Statewide=20
Program Coordinator for both local and statewide program development and =
delivery. The=20
IGIS Statewide Program seeks to provide innovation, technology, training,=
 and data support=20
for UC ANR=92s research and extension mission through the collection, ana=
lysis and=20
visualization of geospatial data. We are interested in developing and del=
ivering data-driven=20
tools, research results, and training to support UC ANR Strategic Initiat=
ives: Endemic and=20
invasive pests and diseases, Healthy families and communities, Sustainabl=
e food systems,=20
Sustainable natural ecosystems, and Water quality, quantity and security.=
The program coordinator will help fulfill the goals of the IGIS Program b=
y facilitating the=20
delivery of research, training, and data support to the UC ANR network. W=
e are looking for a=20
highly specialized academic who will provide vision and leadership on geo=
spatial data=20
resources, analysis and visualization that will serve multiple scientific=
 constituencies at the=20
state and national level. These data resources include: sensor networks, =
ecological datasets,=20
existing statewide research databases, web-based data frameworks such as =
APIs, open data=20
collections, and remote sensing collections.=20
If you have questions, you can email me: maggi@berkeley.edu
Website: http://ift.tt/1Q8GAUr
Closing Date: December 31, 2015
Minimum and Required Qualifications:
– A PhD Degree in Ecology, Geography, Agriculture, Statistics, or an appr=
opriate related field=20
with experience in data science, geographic information sciences, remote =
sensing, or=20
ecological informatics is required.=20
– Experience synthesizing large ecological or socio-ecological datasets a=
nd using them in=20
complex local and statewide research projects is required.=20
– Experience developing and managing research projects including agricult=
ure, ecology, or=20
climate change is required.=20
– Experience using GIS, remote sensing, and/or web programming software i=
s required.=20
The ability to communicate and extend technical information in an underst=
andable manner is=20
– Strong leadership, administration, financial, and management skills are=
– Knowledge of human relations is required including the ability to work =
with people with a=20
diversity of views and values, to motivate people and adapt to changing s=

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