[ES_JOBS_NET] 2 postdoctoral positions, biogeochemistry of nitrogen cycle and climate, Cornell

Two funded
postdoctoral positions are available focusing on understanding the
exciting and quickly evolving area of interaction between the
biogeochemistry of nitrogen cycle and climate.  The successful
applicants will demonstrate experience with with models or large
datasets, and have a record of publications in peer-reviewed
He or she will work on collaborative, interdisciplinary
modeling and model-data synthesis projects that are relevant for
predicting human impacts on biogeochemistry and climate. The work
will involve analyzing various aspects of the nitrogen cycle and
its climate impacts with an emphasis on land processes including
those that couple atmospheric and terrestrial nitrogen cycling. A
wide range of possible research topics are possible including the
impact of managed land on the nitrogen cycle, interactions between
the nitrogen cycle and terrestrial carbon storage, and
interactions with atmospheric constituents extending to pollution
and climate change, as well as constraining the nitrogen cycle
with measurements.
 These positions are open now and will be reviewed as
they are received in Christine Goodale’s, Peter Hess’s and Natalie
Mahowald’s research groups at Cornell University. The positions
requires a PhD in a relevant area. The project involves
researchers at multiple institutions with the possibility of
travel for collaborations.   Applicants should send an
email directly to
and include a CV and three references. Cornell University is an
equal opportunity, affirmative action educator and employer.

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