[Met-jobs] PhD position: Improving the accuracy of air quality forecasts

A PhD position is open at the University of Reading in the Meteorology Department on the project:

Improving the accuracy of air quality forecasts
Poor air quality has serious impacts on human health, in particular for those who suffer from chronic respiratory and cardiac illnesses. Public Health England has estimated that in the UK around 29,000 early deaths are attributable to particulate matter air pollution. This staggering impact makes air pollution one of the most important public health issues today. The recently exposed falsification of vehicle emissions data has added a new dimension to the problem, the consequences of which are still being contemplated. With this background, the reliable modelling and forecasting of air pollution is becoming increasingly important and high profile. A key aspect of improved modelling is the validation of pollution models and forecasts using observations. The strong spatial inhomogeneity of air pollution requires the development of improved verification techniques which can guide the identification of sources of model error. This aim of this challenging project is to develop these new and improved verification techniques to identify, isolate and quantify the meteorological and chemical sources of forecast error in a systematic way. For more information on the project please contact h.f.dacre@reading.ac.uk.

Collaboration: The student will work with Dr Helen Dacre at the University of Reading and also spend at least three months at the Met Office during the project allowing them to observe how their research extends into an operational forecast centre.

Student profile: This project would be suitable for students with a degree in physics, mathematics or a closely related environmental or physical science. Previous knowledge of meteorology and atmospheric chemistry is not essential.

Funding particulars: This PhD project has guaranteed funding via a NERC Industrial CASE Award available for UK students, or EU students that have been resident in the UK for more than 3 years.

Start date: Available now

Contact: Applicants should download an application form http://ift.tt/1kToqJZ.

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