[ECOLOG-L] Job: strategic planning consultant, coastal sea-level rise, VA

Request for Qualifications
Strategic Planning Consultant
Resumes requested by December 15, 2015

At present, the Consortium for Educating Coastal
Virginia: Sea Level Rise (SLR) consists of Old
Dominion University, Hampton University, Virginia
Institute of Marine Science, Virginia Aquarium,
Mariners’ Museum, Chrysler Museum, and WHRO.

WHRO, on behalf of the Consortium, seeks a
consultant to facilitate the creation of a
four-year Strategic Plan that will drive the
direction and priorities of the individual
consortium members with regard to the production
of programs, exhibits, publications, and events
to educate the coastal community about this
environmental issue. The process is expected to
take six months from the beginning of the engagement.

The selected consultant will have relevant
experience in facilitating the strategic planning
process, and knowledge about sea level rise would be a plus.

Scope of Work

· Establish baseline of relevant SLR issues
and current regional activity regarding SLR
· Facilitate gathering input about topics
to be addressed and community educational needs
from current Consortium members (and others who
may join later) and other institutions involved with SLR
· Convene meetings and conference calls as necessary
· Produce and disseminate the plan for Consortium review
· Revise plan and produce final document

Email cover letter and resume to

Carla Johnson
Project Manager

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