[ECOLOG-L] Earth Lab is hiring 8 Postdoctoral Research & Teaching Scholars (University of Colorado-Boulder)

***Earth Lab is hiring 8 new Post-Doctoral Research and Teaching Scholars***

Accelerating scientific discovery with a view from Space

Earth Lab is a new initiative launched in September 2015 by the University of Colorado-Boulder as part of the campus-wide

Grand Challenge effort called “Our Space. Our Future.”  

Earth Lab’s mission is to harness the wave of Earth observations from space and integrate them to answer outstanding questions about the pace and pattern of environmental change, from our backyards to our world.  http://ift.tt/1IAX54W

Earth Lab’s initial portfolio of
Science Projects builds on existing research strengths at CU-Boulder to better:

●Understand how fire is changing in the western U.S. over the past two decades. (Project Fire)

●Improve risk management and decision-making in land use and hazards mitigation. (Project Risk)

●Determine the sensitivity of permafrost to a warming Arctic. (Project Permafrost)

●Identify how rapid and slow landscape evolution impacts our lives. (Project Erosion)

●Determine what is driving Colorado forest dieback. (Project Forest)

●Examine how data at varying resolutions represents Earth System phenomena. (Project Data Harmonization)

●Understand the fundamental processes driving extreme events and threshold behavior across several systems in Earth Lab’s initial Science Projects, including fire, drought, flooding, erosion, and permafrost contexts. (Project Extremes)

Education Initiative

Earth Lab will also help to train the next generation of Earth scientists who are among the leaders in data analytics. The educational mission accelerates from short courses and certificates to a professional master’s degree in Earth
Analytics. Earth Lab will provide a rich environment for student and professional development through innovative, interdisciplinary course and curriculum design. 

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