[ES_JOBS_NET] DOE: Marine and Hydrokinetic Engineer

Job title: General Engineer –
Marine and Hydrokinetic Engineer

Organization: Department of Energy

Location: Washington DC,
District of Columbia

Description: The Wind and Water Power
Technologies Office’s mission is to develop innovative technologies that enable
a rapid expansion of electricity generation from wind and water resources for
the production of clean, affordable, reliable, domestic energy. Regarding Marine
and Hydrokinetic (MHK) technology development specifically, DOE investments
enable the advancement of innovative wave, tidal, ocean, and river current
energy conversion technologies. These investments aim to reduce the cost of
energy from these early-stage technologies. As a Technology Manager, the
selectee will work with the MHK technology development team to provide the
overall strategic vision, award execution, and program development and
management necessary to maintain a balanced research and development program
inclusive of applied research, development, demonstration, and deployment of
innovative technologies.

Deadline to apply:

January 15, 2016

For more
information and to apply:


GS-14 http://ift.tt/1RxwBdl


to USAJobs.gov and search for Job ID numbers HC-16-EE-00644-CR and HQ-16-EE-00642-CR in the Keyword search box for GS-13 and GS-14
positions, respectively.

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