[ES_JOBS_NET] 2.5 year researcher position in paleo ocean biogeochemical cycle, University of Bergen, Norway

We have an opening for a 2.5 year researcher position in paleo ocean
biogeochemical cycle hosted at the University of Bergen, Norway.
More information of the position is available through this link:http://ift.tt/1UqZhmb
There is a vacancy for a  temporary research position at the
Geophysical Institute (www.uib.no/gfi/en) within the
field of the marine carbon cycle. The position is for a period of
2.5 years. The position is linked to the project “Biogeochemical
Change and Detection (BIGCHANGE)”, funded by a strategic grant from
the Centre for Climate Dynamics at the Bjerknes Centre for Climate
Project/work tasks
The project BIGCHANGE aims to identify and quantify imprints of
climate on the carbon cycle, specifically at high latitudes. The
project integrates interdisciplinary scientists from biogeochemical,
paleoclimate, observational, and modeling backgrounds.
The main focus of the work will be to apply the Norwegian Earth
System Model (NorESM) to simulate and determine mean ocean physical
and biogeochemical states in past warm climates with the aim to
contextualise and dynamically interpret proxy reconstructions. The
specific periods of interest are the warm Pliocene and the different
warm stages of glacial-interglacial cycles. Overall the work should
add to our understanding of the role of the ocean for atmospheric
greenhouse gas variability.

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