[ECOLOG-L] USGS GS-15 Position – Program Coordinator, Landscape Science

Permanent position in Reston, Virginia at USGS HQ, in USGS Ecosystems
Mission Area, open to US Citizens, either current/former federal or
non-federal employees.

Biologist (Landscape Science Program Coordinator), GS-0401-15
RES-2016-0219 (DEU) & RES-2016-0220 (MP)
Opens: 04/22/16
Closes: 05/06/16 (may be extended two weeks, check announcement for
the latest dates)


Key duties include:

Coordinates Ecosystem Landscape Ecology research with Regional, Center
and other Mission Area staff to make programmatic decisions that
affect priorities and funding (base budget is ca. $60M)

Works with Ecosystems administrative support staff to develop funding
tables base appropriations allocations to science centers and links
national research needs to resources requirements.

Maintains liaison with and responds to inquiries from Congress,
Federal agencies, states, OMB, DOI bureaus and directorate, NGO,
industry, academia and the general public on Landscape Ecology
research funded through Ecosystems.

Supervises Ecosystems employees assigned to Landscape Science section.

Assures quality of science products produced at headquarters through
implementation of agency policies regarding peer review and bureau

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