[ECOLOG-L] Two fully funded PhD position in Ecohydrology/hydrology in Sweden

Dear Colleagues,

Please help distribute this announce for two fully-funded PhD positions in
hydrology/ecohydrology at the Department of Forest Ecology and Management,
SLU, Umeå. One of the PhD positions will be focused on riparian buffer zone
hydrology with ultimate goal of testing how the riparian zone controls
stream water hydrology and quality in order to optimize forest management
practices around streams. The other position will be more focused on
ecohydrology with the overarching aim of partitioning evapotranspiration
water losses into evaporation and transpiration across multiple spatial and
temporal scales. Both projects will be based in the Krycklan catchment
(www.slu.se/Krycklan), which is one of the most heavily instrumented and
monitored forest catchments in the world. For more information about both
positions please visit
http://ift.tt/1rKOv1l. The closing
date for these two positions in May 25, 2016.

Niles Hasselquist

Niles Hasselquist
Forskarassistent (Assistant Professor)
Department of Forest Ecology and Management
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU)
SE-90 183 Umeå, Sweden
Phone: (+46) 761484834
Email: niles.hasselquist@gmail.com
Webpage: nileshasselquist.weebly.com

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