[ES_JOBS_NET] DRI Position Opening: Postdoctoral Fellow, Snow Hydrology Modeler

Good afternoon:

The Desert Research Institute (DRI) and the Division of Hydrological Sciences is accepting applications for a Postdoctoral Fellowship in snow hydrology and surface water modeling.

The successful candidate will work in a research group to evaluate past, present, and future impacts of impurities on snowmelt and surface water flows in the Colorado Basin and other semi-arid regions where snowmelt is a significant component of the water cycle. Impurities include desert dust and soot (black carbon) from wildfires and industrial emissions.
The successful candidate will also be expected to assist (and in some cases take the lead) in developing and applying new field and laboratory methods for quantification of impurities in snow, to refine and utilize models of snowmelt and surface water hydrology, and to participate fully in data analysis and the interpretation and publication of results. This research is highly interdisciplinary, and the successful candidate will need to bring skills including expertise and interest in chemistry, hydrology and/or atmospheric science, and modeling –particularly snowmelt and surface water modeling.

If you are aware of anyone who might be interested in the position, please send them the attached flyer or direct them to http://jobs.dri.edu/postings/148.

To ensure full consideration, application packages should be received by May 30, 2016.

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