[Met-jobs] Post-doctoral Fellow, Air Quality Modelling, Environment and Climate Change Canada

Post-doctoral Fellow, Air Quality Modelling
The Modelling and Integration unit of the Air Quality Research Division of Environment and Climate Change Canada seeks a post-doctoral fellow to assist in the development of network and model evaluation tools for projects relating to air-quality model simulations of Canada’s Oil Sands. The successful candidate will have completed a PhD focused on some aspect of air pollution modelling using regional chemical transport models. PhD or subsequent experience with air pollution model evaluation, the analysis of monitoring network data using statistical tool packages, and coding using Fortran 90 will be considered assets. Interested candidates should send their CV directly to Dr. Paul Makar (paul.makar@canada.ca), as well as applying to the National Science and Engineering Research Council of Canada’s “Visiting Fellowships in Canadian Government Laboratories” program (http://ift.tt/1gLbyje). Acceptance through NSERC is a pre-requisite for the position: candidates should state in their on-line application their interest in working for Environment and Climate Change Canada, Atmospheric Science and Technology Directorate, Air Quality Research Division). The position is available immediately, pending NSERC approval of the successful candidate. NSERC fellowships are for a one-year duration, renewable for up to two years, with a current salary of $50,503 Cdn/year.

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