[Met-jobs] Associate Professor in Physical Climate Science, Oxford

Associate Professor in Physical Climate Science
Department of Physics, Parks Road, Oxford
From: £45,066 p.a.
The Department of Physics proposes to appoint an Associate Professor (equivalent to Lecturer) in Physical Climate Science with effect from 1 April 2017 or as soon thereafter as possible. The successful candidate will also be offered a Tutorial Fellowship at Somerville College, under arrangements described in the further particulars. The combined University and College salary will be according to experience on a scale from £45,066 p.a.; plus a College housing allowance of £7,925 p.a., or single accommodation in College free of charge (if available); and equity-sharing house purchase scheme.

This appointment is part of a University-wide initiative in Earth and Planetary Climate. We seek to appoint a candidate who can build a research program on atmospheric processes related to the University’s expanding programs related to exoplanets, Solar System planets and deep-time Earth paleoclimate. Applications are solicited from candidates with track records of innovative research in any pertinent area of atmospheric physics, including (but not limited to) planetary fluid dynamics, atmospheric modelling, radiative transfer, cloud processes or atmospheric chemistry. The ideal candidate will have demonstrated research abilities in more than one of these areas, and will have engaged with research on the climate of Solar System planets and exoplanets. Candidates whose primary research record is in Earth climate, but who have the foundations, curiosity and inclination to expand their research portfolio in the direction of other planets are also welcome to apply.

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