[ECOLOG-L] PhD position: remote sensing and forest ecology

A fully-funded Ph.D. position is available at the University
of Toronto, either in the Geography Department or in the Faculty of Forestry.
The Ph.D. candidate will develop new techniques for monitoring trees using the
latest remote sensing technology. In particular, the candidate will use optical
imagery and/or LIDAR to delineate tree crowns, then assess tree health, branch
fall, and tree mortality. Some of the data will be collected using unmanned
aerial vehicles or helicopters carrying hyperspectral sensors, multispectral
sensors, as well as LIDAR. Thus, the candidate will have the opportunity to
work at the Koffler Scientific Reserve (http://ksr.utoronto.ca/)
and Haliburton Forest (http://ift.tt/2dxoOgg).


Qualifications: 1) sincere interest in remote sensing and
forest ecology; 2) strong quantitative skills; 3) remote sensing skills, or the
ability to learn them quickly; and 4) excellent oral and written communication
skills in English.


Applicants should send a letter of enquiry and curriculum
vitae to Prof. Yuhong He (yuhong.he@utoronto.ca)
and Prof. John Caspersen (john.caspersen@utoronto.ca).
Applications will be reviewed beginning January 15th, but the positions will
remain open until a suitable candidate is selected.

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