[ES_JOBS_NET] PhD Opportunities at Oregon State University


The EcoHydro Engineering Group at Oregon State University (http://ift.tt/2dpdr7o) directed by Dr. Stephen Good is currently recruiting PhD Students for a funded research examining plant hydraulic traits and soil moisture dynamics.  Support is available for highly motivated PhD students with strong backgrounds that span engineering, geosciences, ecology, computer science, mathematics, and similar fields.  Candidates with an M.S. degree and strong skills in programing or large data set analysis are sought.  Interested candidates should contact Dr. Good and apply for Fall 2017 admission through the interdisciplinary Water Resources Graduate Program (http://ift.tt/2ejewUd) or the Biological and Ecological Engineering Department (http://ift.tt/2dpbUyk) at Oregon State University.



Dr. Gerrad Jones will be starting a research group at Oregon State University in the Department of Biological and Ecological Engineering and is looking for a creative and highly motivated Ph.D. or M.S. student to start in the Fall of 2017. The project will combine laboratory analyses, field work, and advanced data analytics in order to identify the unknown compounds driving estrogenicity in surface bodies of water. This is a highly interdisciplinary project, and the primary responsibility of the student will be to analyze the mass spectra of water samples collected throughout Oregon using machine learning tools. The candidate should be able to program in R (or some other programming language) and have a strong working knowledge of multivariate statistics. Preferably, the candidate would have experience with one or more of the following areas: mass spec analysis, ecotoxicology, ArcGIS, and be willing and capable of doing field work. Candidates should have an M.S. degree in an environmentally related field; however, all students with a background in math, statistics, science, or engineering who are creative, enthusiastic, and hardworking are highly encouraged to apply. For more information, please contact Dr. Jones directly (Gerrad.Jones@eawag.ch), and for more information on his research interests, please read his profile at his current research group at Eawag (http://ift.tt/2ejgxjl). 

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