[ES_JOBS_NET] Four professorships in School of Earth & Environment at Rowan University

Assistant Professor of Geology (tenure-track):

“The areas of expertise are open, however, preference will be given to applicants engaged in the following research: near-term and/or long-term paleoclimate studies (biotic or abiotic), sea level science and coastal sustainability, geohazards, polar research, Earth systems processes, and planetary science…”



Assistant Professor of Environmental Science (tenure-track), and

Associate/Full Professor of Environmental Science (tenured):

“The areas of expertise are open, however, we have particular interests in applicants engaged in the following research: Climate Change, Atmospheric Chemistry and Air Quality, Biogeochemical Cycles, Ecosystem/Human System Interactions, Environmental Technology, Natural Disaster Reduction, Water and Watersheds Research, Risk Assessment, and Environmental Sustainability in its many aspects.”




Associate/Full Professor of Geography (tenured):

“All research specializations will be considered, however, we have particular interest in those with expertise in the Impact of Climate Change, Environmental Sustainability in its many aspects, Ecosystem/Human System Interactions, Natural Disaster Reduction, Risk Assessment, GIS, Remote Sensing, and Planning for Sustainability.”



Please see the above links for full descriptions, contact, and application information.





Luke D. Trusel, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Department of Geology
School of Earth & Environment
Rowan University
trusel@rowan.edu // 856.256.5262

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