[ES_JOBS_NET] Grad (MS) Opportunity in Paleoclimate at Boston College

Graduate student opening in Fall 2017 to work on a NSF Funded Project – Assessing climate-biosphere linkages using Late Holocene records of climate variability and vegetation dynamics from the Brazilian Amazon and Savanna. Research involves cave monitoring and paleoclimate reconstruction from cave deposits (speleothems) in Brazil to reconstruct records of local moisture variability to complement existing records of regional monsoon intensity. This work is critical in constraining the role of climate in Holocene biome shifts. Graduate support is competitive and includes full stipend and tuition for at least 2 years. Students will work with Dr. Corinne Wong (www.corinneiwong.com) in the Department of Earth and Environmental Science at Boston College, and utilize a newly renovated state of the art clean laboratory for isotope separation chemistry. 

The deadline for admission is Jan 10th, 2016. Interested individuals should contact Corinne Wong.

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