[ES_JOBS_NET] Coarse mode aerosol biogeochemistry Postdoctoral Fellow at Cornell University (Ithaca, NY)

Coarse mode aerosol biogeochemistry
Postdoctoral Fellow at Cornell University (Ithaca, NY)

The postdoctoral position will focus on
characterizing the distribution and variability of coarse mode
aerosols from observations and models, especially focused on
anthropogenic dust, primary biogenic particles and coarse mode
combustion sources.  While substantial previous work has
characterized the fine mode, especially for direct radiative
forcing and aerosol-cloud interactions, the coarse mode is
poorly understood.   However, for some biogeochemistry questions
(e.g. involving Fe, P, Ca), the coarse mode is more important
than the fine mode.  The successful candidate will be able to
synthesize model and observational data to better understand the
mean distribution, variability, size distribution and chemical
characterization of coarse mode aerosols globally. The
successful applicant will demonstrate experience with numerical
modeling and/or observational datasets and will have a record of
publications in peer-reviewed literature. They should hold a
Ph.D. in atmospheric science, engineering or a related field.
Applicants should send an email directly to
Applications will be processed until position
is filled. Cornell
University is an Equal Employment Opportunity/Affirmative
Action Employer and we strongly encourage applications
from women and minorities.


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