[Met-jobs] PhD studentships on Aerosol Effects on Precipitation at University of Oxford

PhD studentships on aerosol effects on precipitation

Atmospheric, Oceanic and Planetary Physics, Department of Physics, University of Oxford

We are looking for outstanding applicants for two fully-funded (for UK/EU applicants) PhD studentships
in the Climate Processes Group in the Department
of Physics at the University of Oxford. Funded by a new project by the European Research Council (RECAP), the studentships will start in autumn 2017. 

The overall objective of RECAP is to deliver a comprehensive and physically consistent assessment of the effect of aerosols on precipitation across scales. Within the overall project team, the PhD projects will focus on the following themes:

1) Novel observational constraints from satellites

Observational attempts to quantify aerosol effects on precipitation from satellites have suffered from: i) the difficulty of separating the covariance of retrieved aerosol and precipitation from meteorological covariability, ii) sampling biases
as imagers cannot retrieve aerosol in cloudy scenes and iii) the difficulty of retrieving CCN/IN from satellite imagers. In this project we will capitalise on new modelling capabilities allowing to simulate satellite observables over large scales to guide
the interpretation of satellite retrieved aerosol precipitation relationships and to quantify observational sampling biases.  

2) Top-down constraints on aerosol effects on precipitation

Despite decades of intensive research, the uncertainties in our understanding of aerosol effects on precipitation remain huge. The prevailing bottom-up approach, relies on the simulation a complex chain of uncertain processes. In this project
we will investigate the precipitation response to aerosol perturbations (radiative and microphysical) through idealised simulations with new seamless cloud-resolving to global climate configurations of increasing complexity, applying top-down energetic and
budgetary constraints. 

The PhD projects will be conducted in the Climate Processes Group in the Department of Physics, providing a stimulating research environment, in collaboration with outstanding international partners. The PhD students will also have access to a
rich training programme as part of the Physical Climate Stream of the Oxford Doctoral Training Partnership in Environmental Research. 

More details on this PhD project and details on the application procedures can be found on the Climate Processes jobs webpage.
The first closing date for applications is 20 January 2017.

Please direct informal enquiries to Philip Stier (philip.stier@physics.ox.ac.uk).

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