[Met-jobs] University of Leipzig: W1 Junior Professorship Arctic Climate Changes (with tenure track leading to W2)

At the University of Leipzig, Faculty of Physics and
Geosciences, Institute for Meteorology
(http://ift.tt/2ky6MQs) the following Junior
Professorship has to be filled starting on
1 October 2017:

W1 Junior Professorship Arctic Climate Changes
(with tenure track leading to W2)

(Position will be offered for 3 years and is extendable another 3
years after successful evaluation.)
The successful applicant is distinguished by outstanding expertise
in ground- or satellite-based remote sensing of processes driving
Arctic climate changes, in particular of interactions and feedback
mechanisms of ocean, sea ice, and land surfaces with the atmosphere.
The application, combination, and advancement of respective
observational and modeling tools is a major strength of the
applicant. A close collaboration with the Helmholtz Centre for
Environmental Research (Umweltforschungszentrum – UFZ,
http://www.ufz.de/) and the Leibniz Institute for Tropospheric
Research (TROPOS, http://www.tropos.de/) in Leipzig in the area of
remote sensing of land surface processes is anticipated. An active
contribution to the Transregional Collaborative Research Center (TR
172) on “Arctic Amplification” (http://ac3-tr.de) is expected. The
successful applicant will actively participate in the established
Bachelor and Master of Science courses in Meteorology.
Under the terms of § 59 Abs. 2 Sächsisches Hochschulfreiheitsgesetz
(SächsHSFG) the candidate can be offered a Professorship (W2)
without further advertisement (tenure track).
Rights and obligations of the jobholder are within the Saxonian
university law (SächsHSFG) §§ 63, 64, 70 and the Saxonian public
service task regulation (Sächsische Dienstaufgabenverordnung,
DAVOHS). Applicants must meet the requirements of § 63 SächsHSFG.
The University of Leipzig emphasizes the equality of women and men.
Handicapped applicants are encouraged to apply and given preference
if equally qualified.
Applications with the usual documents, enclosing detailed CV, a list
of the scientific work and academic teaching including available
records of teaching evaluations and a certified copy of the
certificate of the highest acquired academic degree should be sent,
preferably also in a digital format as one PDF-document, before 31
March 2017 to: Universität Leipzig, Dekan der
Fakultät für Physik und Geowissenschaften, Herrn Prof. Dr. Haase,
Linnéstraße 5, 04103 Leipzig, dekan@physik.uni-leipzig.de
An application via email entails data protection and privacy risks.
The sender therefore bears full responsibility.

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