JOBS: 5-year University Research Fellowships

Dear all,The University of Hull is investing in building research capacity. To that end we have just released the following 7 positions. The advert is here:

These are 5-year Research Fellowship posts that are broadly across the areas below – many of which map to the geosciences.

Coastal zone sediment dynamics 

Aquaculture in coastal and marine environments

Environmental sensors and systems

Surfaces and coatings for hostile environments

Wind turbine blades: materials, structures and advanced manufacturing

Offshore wind array modelling optimisation and control

Fault -tolerant control and dependable systems engineering for hostile environments

We are keen to attract a strong applicant pool for these positions. Could you please circulate widely in your institutions, within your departments but also across others such as civil engineering and computer sciences areas also.

Thanks in advance.

Regards- Dan

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