Impossible deadlines (landslide project Post Doc)

Do you know that feeling you have when your university advertises amazing opportunities with short (i.e. 10-day) deadlines?

Well then you know how I feel……..


We have the project ready to go. We just need an (excellent) person to apply (<3 yrs since Ph.D) to secure the funding.


Post Doc:


Project: Improving the Management of Climate & Environment Risks through the automated detection of mass movements.

We propose to use:

  • machine learning algorithms,
  • deep learning algorithms for computer vision and
  • drone technology


Please suggest to your best and brightest (who are in search of opportunities to learn and grow at a research frontier), to contact me directly ASAP


Many thanks.



Dr. Mary C. Bourke, FTCD

Department of Geography,

School of Natural Science

Trinity College,

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