[ES_JOBS_NET] Entry-level Ladder Track Scientist, NCAR/EOL’s Research Aviation Facility, Colorado

NCAR/EOL’s Research Aviation
Facility is
seeking an entry-level ladder track scientist to conduct
independent research on atmospheric processes and work
closely with our
community of airborne facility users.  This is
a full-time,
5-year term position with possibility of extension.  This position will be
posted until
4:00 p.m. on May 17, 2017 or until a
sufficient number
of applications have been received. Thereafter, applications
will be reviewed
on an as-needed basis.

will focus on observational atmospheric sciences and support the
Observing Laboratory’s (EOL) Research Aviation Facility (RAF)
and other parts
of the Laboratory, NCAR, and the university community through
research, service missions, and collaboration. The ideal
candidate will provide
expertise in areas that complement existing scientific staff in
EOL, such as
(but not limited to) airborne measurements of air motion and
turbulence, and
will provide laboratory and community leadership in developing
new areas of
research and new field deployments by working with scientists
across NCAR and
within the university community.

Expected activities include traveling to the
field in support of
airborne EOL field deployments; contributing to the
improvement of data to meet
broad community scientific objectives; interacting with
scientists throughout
EOL, NCAR, and the broader community; and contributing
extensively to the goals
of EOL, NCAR, and the community. 


Minimum qualifications for this position

Ph.D. in Atmospheric Sciences or a related

Experience with airborne field deployment data

Postdoctoral research training

record of high-quality publications

working in a collaborative research environment

Successful applications for this position will

Required: A cover letter, resume/CV, and
the names and
affiliations of 4 references

Optional: A 1-2 page statement of
research interests


For the full, detailed job description and
requirements, please
visit our Careers Website:


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