[ES_JOBS_NET] Post-doctoral Research Associate in Atmospheric Modelling (Fixed Term), University of Cambridge, UK

Research Associate in Atmospheric Modelling (Fixed Term)

Interested in
climate change? Want to contribute?

Use your
analytical skills to help solve one of the long standing
problems in climate modelling.

Climate models
need to represent all parts of the earth’s system. This position
will work on understanding the physical processes required to
represent convective clouds. As part of a wider UK collaborative
programme called ParaCon, we are aiming to make significant
improvements to climate and weather models over the next five
years. Working with UK experts in the field, you will perform
simulations of clouds in order to unpick the important processes
that contribute to the climate system. Improving the
representation of convection will lead to a step-change in our
ability to predict weather and climate. In addition to the UK
Met Office, project partners include groups from the
Universities of Cambridge, Exeter, Leeds and Reading.

This position
represents an ideal opportunity to work in or move into
atmospheric sciences, as it will involve collaborating widely
across the UK and beyond, and working on one of the most
pressing research areas for the understanding of weather and

Based in
Cambridge the post will be with Dr Michael Herzog as part of the
atmospheric process group within the Department of Geography at
the University of Cambridge. You will use Large Eddy Simulations
(LES) to characterize and quantify key elements of convection.
The work will be performed within the framework of a new
parameterization, the Convective Cloud Field Model (CCFM) which
is currently being coupled to the UK Met Office Unified Model
(UM). The focus of the post will be to perform and analyse
high-resolution (LES) simulations of convective clouds starting
from simulations of idealised individual convective cloud
elements moving towards simulations of fully interactive
convective cloud fields. Outcomes will directly feed into
improvements of CCFM and UM-CCFM to assess the impact on
simulated climate. The UM-CCFM activities are supported locally
by National Centre for Atmospheric Science in Cambridge.
Outcomes from this work will not only lead to a better CCFM but
more crucially, will inform any new or existing convection
parameterization for the UM. The post involves travel to
international conferences and project meetings. There will be
the possibility to co-advise doctoral students and potentially
other teaching opportunities.

Applicants should
have a doctorate in atmospheric science, physics, applied
mathematics or a related field and ideally a strong background
in numerical modelling and atmospheric or fluid dynamics.
Knowledge of boundary layer processes and cloud physics are an
advantage. Proficiency in computer programming (e.g. FORTRAN) is

inquiries should be directed to Dr Michael Herzog by email,

Fixed term: In
the first instance, the funding supporting the post ends on 30
June 2019. We are awaiting confirmation of a project extension
which will provide funding for a further 7 months for this post.

Salary range:
£29,301-£38,183 depending on experience.
Closing date: 2nd July 2017.
Interviews are expected to take place week commencing 17th July
Expected start date: October 2017, however, earlier and later
start dates will be considered

To apply online
for this vacancy, please go to http://ift.tt/2rJbahV

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