[ES_JOBS_NET] VISITING ASSISTANT PROFESSOR, University of Wisconsin Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences



University of Wisconsin Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences has a
one-year visiting assistant professor position available starting
this fall. A great entry for recent Ph.D.s or post-docs looking to
gain both teaching and independent research experience, or
potentially for sabbatical visitors looking for financial support
and a vibrant community. 
Visiting Assistant Professor in AOS
A one-year instructional position as a Visiting Assistant
Professor is available for the 2017-2018 academic year in the
Department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences. The position
involves teaching undergraduate and graduate classes in our major
curriculum, holding regular office hours, collaborating on
research or maintaining an individual research program, serving on
graduate student research committees, and other contributions to
departmental committee work.
More specifically, the duties include teaching up to two courses
per semester (four courses total) in areas such as atmospheric
thermodynamics and cloud physics, synoptics and dynamics, data
assimilation and numerical weather prediction, climate science, or
physical oceanography. Courses at both the undergraduate and
graduate level are included among those available. Specific
courses can be negotiated depending on a candidate’s experience,
training, and interests. Research activities can be in the
candidate’s area of expertise, with opportunities to collaborate
with members of our world-class research faculty.http://ift.tt/2swRGyv

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