[Met-jobs] PhD scholarships in Manchester, UK: Cloud Microphysics

We welcome applications for two PhD projects in the area of cloud
microphysics at the Centre for Atmospheric Science (CAS) at the
University of Manchester, UK. CAS has world leading aerosol and cloud
chamber facilities and instrumentation, and are routine users of the
world leading research aircraft and radar facilities. Projects are due
to start in September 2018, but start dates may alter depending on the
funding stream. Details of the two positions can be found below:

Project 1: Laboratory studies of cloud microphysical processes using a
state of the art particle generation system


Project 2: Studying ice clouds using high resolution numerical models
and state-of-the-art observing platforms


Funding Criteria:

Our studentships are funded by NERC and are available to UK nationals
and other EU nationals that have resided in the UK for three years prior
to commencing the studentship. If you meet this criteria, funding will
be provided for tuition fees and stipend. Students from EU countries who
do not meet the residency requirements may still be eligible for a
fees-only award. Overseas students may be able to join the programme but
will need to have arranged funding from other sources.


Application deadline: 2nd February 2018
Interviews will take place on 22nd February 2018

For further details on these two projects contact Dr Jonathan Crosier –

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