[Met-jobs] 3 Ph.D. and 1 postdoctoral positions in ocean biogeochemistry and ocean-atmosphere modeling at ETH Zürich

Dear students and postdocs,

I hereby invite interested master students and recent Ph.D. students to apply for three Ph.D. positions and 1 postdoctoral position in my research group at ETH Zürich.
Please find detailed descriptions of the four positions in the attached documents.

Please pass this information on to other potentially interested candidates. The positions will be filled in a staggered manner over the next 12 months, i.e., there is some flexibility with regard to the starting dates. Please contact me if you have any questions.

— sincerely yours, Nicolas Gruber

Here are the links to submit your applications.

3 PhD positions in ocean biogeochemical modeling and data analyses
• Browser: http://ift.tt/2Esil1W
• Mobile: http://ift.tt/2F1tgk2

Postdoctoral researcher in coupled ocean-atmosphere modeling
• Browser: http://ift.tt/2EsinXC
• Mobile: http://ift.tt/2F2bfCd

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