[ES_JOBS_NET] PhD position in marine geology/proxy development in Lund, Sweden

Dear all,

We are looking for a new PhD student in the project “Tracing past
bottom-water oxygenation in the sea: a microanalytical approach to
improve calcium carbonate-based proxies (TO2PICAL)” at the Lund
University Dept. of Geology, Sweden.

This project has the overall goal to provide tools to study past bottom
water deoxygenation, and advance the field of proxy calibration via a
novel combination of biological processes and biomineralization studies.
The project will use modern foraminifera from low-oxygen environments
and study their geochemistry, perform mesocosm experiments with forams,
and genetically characterize forams. This is a four-year fully paid PhD
position and includes full Swedish social system benefits. International
travel is an important part of the project. For more information and to
apply, please see:


Deadline March 7, 2018

Contact Prof. Helena L Filipsson (helena.filipsson@geol.lu.se) with

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