[Met-jobs] 3 year Postdoc position in Atmospheric Science at TU Delft, the Netherlands

3 year Postdoc position in Atmospheric Science at TU Delft,
the Netherlands

Job description

Do even the smallest clouds simply drift with the wind?
This question is at the heart of the ERC Starting Grant
project CloudBrake, which strives to understand the impact
of momentum transport by cumulus convection on large-scale
patterns of winds. CloudBrake’s goal is to expose
relationships between clouds and winds to estimate the
amount of cumulus friction (convective momentum transport)
in different boundary layer flows, which is important for
numerical weather prediction, climate modelling, and wind
energy design.

We are looking for a Postdoc to join our team in 2018.
As a Postdoc you will be responsible for revisiting the
treatment of convective momentum transport in existing
parameterizations in global models, informed by
high-resolution simulations and process studies. You will
develop and test different ways to include cumulus friction
effects, through AMIP and Aquaplanet runs, and evaluate its
impact on climate and climate change. Your research focuses
on, but is not exclusive to, the German ICON model, in
collaboration with the Max-Planck Institute for Meteorology
(MPI-M) in Hamburg, Germany.


Have you obtained your PhD in Atmospheric or Earth
System Science, and do you have extensive computing
experience with a global model? Do you have the conceptual
mind set to make the step from process studies and
simulations to parameterization? And can you collaborate and
effectively communicate your work?

During your appointment you are expected to
perform individual research as part of a team with a
broader goal, to help guide PhD students and interact with
researchers at climate modelling institutes, and to give
presentations at international conferences and write a
number of publications.  

Applicants should have

• a PhD degree in Atmospheric Science or Earth system

• experience with running a global climate or numerical
weather prediction model.

• excellent computing skills

• a conceptual mindset

• proficiency in written and spoken English.  

Additional information

For more information on salary and the
conditions of employment at TU Delft please visit the job
listing on Academic Transfer here.

For other questions about this position, please contact
Dr. Louise Nuijens, phone: +31 (0)15-2785956, e-mail: louise.nuijens@tudelft.nl.
To apply, please e-mail a detailed CV and a letter of
application by 30 August 2018 to Recruitment-CiTG@tudelft.nl.

Your application should include (a) your CV, (b) your
letter of motivation, including your possible start date and
the names and contact information of at least two references
(max. 2 pages), and (c) copies of your degree and your
transcripts (courses and grades). Please e-mail all your
application information in one single PDF entitled Lastname_
CITG18-32.pdf. Applications will be reviewed in September.
The appointment will have a start date as soon as possible,
but not later than January 1, 2019.

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