[Met-jobs] Postdoc and PhD positions in ocean color remote sensing and Earth system modeling

Hello everyone,

See below job advertisements for a postdoc and a PhD student we are looking for. ~~~~~~~~~~~~

Dear colleagues,

I am currently advertising for:

* a postdoc in ocean ecology (satellite algorithm development and climate models) in collaboration with satellite expert Dr. Tiho Kostadinov at CSU-San Marcos.

* a PhD student (in oceans and climate broadly, spanning physical, chemical, ecological and satellite oceanography)

Please pass
along to your groups and colleagues the details below. I will be at the
CMIP6 and AGU meetings in DC, 8-14 Dec 2018 so I can meet in person
with anyone interested in these positions.

Thank you,

Irina Marinov (with Tiho Kostadinov)


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