[Met-jobs] PhD project available: Enhancing forecasting flood inundation mapping through data assimilation

PhD project available at the University of Reading, UK

Enhancing forecasting flood inundation mapping through data assimilation

Flooding is major risk for lives and livelihoods around the world. In Europe alone, the annual cost due to flood damage is expected to rise to 100 billion EUR by the year 2080, due to a combination of climate change and socio-economic growth. Timely flood inundation forecasts allow pro-active flood management, mitigating against loss of life and damage to key infrastructure. The goal of this PhD project is to investigate new mathematical methods using observations of floods to verify and improve flood inundation forecasts.

For more information about the project, see https://www.findaphd.com/search/ProjectDetails.aspx?PJID=103667

You can find a short video of two of the supervisors, Sarah Dance and Sanita Vetra-Carvalho talking about this project on YouTube: https://youtu.be/cbnDQYWtCgk

The project is  funded by the SCENARIO NERC Doctoral Training Partnership with CASE sponsorship from JBA Trust.

Lead Supervisor: Sarah L Dance, University of Reading, Department of Meteorology, and Department of Mathematics &Statistics
Email: S.L.Dance@reading.ac.uk
Co-supervisors: Sanita Vetra-Carvalho, University of Reading; John Bevington, Beatriz Revilla-Romero, JBA

Application deadline: 25 January 2019.


Sarah L Dance

Professor of Data Assimilation

EPSRC Senior Fellow in Digital Technology for Living With Environmental Change

Depts of Mathematics and Statistics, and Meteorology

Postal address: Department of Meteorology, PO Box 243,

Earley Gate, University of Reading, Reading, RG6 6BB

Email: s.l.dance@reading.ac.uk                  Phone: 0118 378 6452

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