[Met-jobs] PhD position – climate extremes from a paleo perspective at Alfred Wegener Institute (Germany) – proper link

PhD position – Climate extremes from a paleo
perspective, sclerochronology

Closing date: 1st of February 2019

position is part of the Strategy Fund Project – Climate
extremes from a paleo perspective (PalEX, 2019 – 2021),
which is funded through the Alfred Wegener Institute
Helmholtz Center for Polar and Marine Research and lead by
Dr. Monica Ionita-Scholz.

extreme events are typically associated with specific
weather patterns and coherent atmospheric structures, e.g.
cyclones and blockings. In order to understand differences
in the frequency of these events in a climate background,
the corresponding patterns have to be analyzed. The project
is conceived to better understand the occurrence and
frequency of climate extremes under different background
climates to support future predictions. PalEX will improve
our understanding of the complex mechanisms controlling the
variability of the climate extremes at various time scales
through advanced statistical techniques, a wide range of
indices describing these extremes, high-resolution proxy
records, and paleoclimate simulations. An interdisciplinary
approach using climate, oceanic, proxy and model data sets
will be used in combination with complex statistical
methods. This project will set up a long-term collaboration
of a team of experts: biologists, climatologists and
modelers from the AWI research divisions (biosciences, paleo
climate dynamics, glaciology) and a strong collaboration
with international and national partners.


For more
information and submitting your application go to:


For further information please contact Dr.
Monica Ionita-Scholz (monica.ionita@awi.de)

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