[GilbertClub] Deadlines! Nominations for international-specific GSA honors

Dear Gilbert Club,


On behalf of GSA
International and the International Interdisciplinary Interest Group, I would like
to remind everyone that the deadlines for nominating non-North American (outside
Canada, USA and Mexico) geoscientist some of GSA’s international-specific honors
is quickly approaching. It would be great to have some folks from our community recognized with with these honors from GSA.


1 February deadline:

GSA Honorary Fellow is to
recognize a distinguished non-North American scientist who has “distinguished him-
or herself in geoscience investigations, promoting environmental awareness,
linking science and society, providing notable service to implementing public
policy in natural resource managements, or otherwise making outstanding
contributions to science. The program was established by the GSA Council in
1909, and since then, except during a few war years, one or more Honorary
Fellows have been elected annually.” The nomination requires letters for 4 Fellows
of the GSA (one of whom could not be a fellow, but of equivalent statue). Past
recipients can be found here: http://bit.ly/2HcTWDm


1 March deadline:

GSAI Distinguished Career
Award recognizes international scientific and service contributions and can be
awarded to scientists from anywhere in the world. In addition to a nomination
letter, this award requires another letter writer, neither need be GSA Fellows,
but should be GSA members. Past recipients can be found here: http://bit.ly/2RRpse1


1 March deadline:

GSA International also solicits
nominations for the James B. Thompson Jr. We seek a North American lecturer to
tour outside of North America and a non-North American lecturer to tour North
America. Nominees should be BOTH distinguished scientists and dynamic speakers.
These lectureship schedules are very flexible, but nonetheless represent a
substantial time commitment (~ 6 weeks), so be sure to check with any potential
nominees beforehand. Self-nominations are also accepted. This year’s lectures
are Holly Michaels (U. Deleware USA) and Manfred Strecker (U. Potsdam, Germany)
past lecturers can be found here: http://bit.ly/2HoPhho


Please contact me with any


All the best in 2019!


Greg Hoke

Associate Professor of
Earth Science

Syracuse University

Chair, GSA International
Interdisciplinary Interest Group. 

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