[Met-jobs] Fully funded Antarctic climate modelling PhD at Northumbria, UK

Hi All,

I’d like to advertise a fully funded, for students worldwide, PhD opportunity.

The broad topic is how the size and shape of Antarctica affected the climate of Antarctica in the past.

There’s an increasing number of constraints on the past temperature of Antarctica which are inconsistent with results from climate models. This is most likely due to the shape of the ice sheets that are used in
the climate models, not some fundamental error in the models. Trouble is, it’s not clear what the shape of Antarctica was in the past. In this PhD project you’ll have a chance to investigate this question. 

The student will have a lot of scope to define the direction of the project. Possible avenues include understanding the climate dynamics of the response or understanding how the isotopic composition of the ice
can be impacted by the changing circulation. This will be based around the use of climate models, so you’ll learn how to run and analyse such models

The studentship is available to Students Worldwide, and covers full fees and a full stipend, paid for three years at RCUK rates (for 2018/19, this is £14,777 pa).

Closing date is 25th January 2019


Feel free to contact me with any questions


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