[Caglist] Graduate Positions in Geography at York University

The Geography Graduate Program at York
University is recruiting up to 20 MA, MSc, and PhD students for
2019, with an extended application deadline of February 15.  We are offering full funding
packages to all students.  In addition, our students will find
financial and other support for field-based research from
faculty research projects, and from other sources including York’s many research centres, and the
Faculty of Graduate Studies.  We aim to attract excellent
graduate students who fit our research-oriented graduate
program.  Potential
students can find more information about our programs and
funding on our website: 
http://geography.gradstudies.yorku.ca/future-students/.  We will begin
considering full application on February 1, and accept new
applications until February 15.

Our basic funding package provides minimum
guarantees with respect to annual income that are designed to be
equivalent to or better than those offered by other Canadian
universities.  Both
Masters and PhD students are offered work as Teaching Assistants
for their basic income, which can be supplemented by
scholarships.  Masters
students receive funding for two years, and PhD students for six

Research projects in the Geography Graduate Program
that are currently recruiting students are listed below.  Additional details
are provided on our website (https://geography.gradstudies.yorku.ca/research/research-projects/). 

Famine Generation in Toronto: Poverty, Crime, and Place

·      The Changing Dynamics of Innovation in
Technoscientific Capitalism

·      Spaces of labour in moments of urban populism

·      Urbanization,
gender and the global south.

·      Long-term perspectives on lake ecosystem
change with thawing permafrost

Peninsula forest canopy impacts on the water and carbon budgets

and implications of sea-Ice decline on Hudson Bay

The geographies of immigrant integration,
transnationalism, and return migration intentions among African
immigrants in Canada

·      Intellectual Migration: The China-Canada-US

·      Libre-échange,
gouvernance et démocratie municipale. Étude comparée de quatre
villes canadiennes: Halifax, Montréal, Toronto et Vancouver

Militarization/The Militarization of Conservation

Political Ecology of International Borders

Prospects, Dilemmas, Urban Dimensions.

·      Developing a
comprehensive spatial database of fire, harvest, and road
disturbances in Ontario

·      Scaling
functions for landscape patch shapes assessed from vertical
transects of UAV imagery

Political Ecologies of Labour: Unpacking labour,
ecology, and mobility within the seafood sector

·      Understanding
the Experiences of Chinese International Students in Canada:
Pre- and Post-Migration Reflections

·      Political
geographies of activism and citizenship

The Impact of Volcanic Ash on the Hydrology of
Arctic Landscapes, Iceland.

Canada-Philippines Alternative Transnational

production networks for sport: Canada’s role in producing elite
hockey players in China. 

Ecology and survival of an endangered
species in Canada.

·      Subalterity, public education, and welfare cities:
Comparing the experience of displaced migrants in three cities
[Havana, Toronto, Kolkata]

·      Queering Canadian suburbs: LGBTQ2S place-making outside
of central cities

·    Neoliberal
industrialization, the rural periphery, and uneven development
in India

An interactive
mobile GIS-based tool that deciphers complex parking restrictions
in space and time.

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