[wind_erosion] Programmer Analyst Positions, USA

From Nick Webb.


Dear Colleagues,


The Jornada Experimental Range, Las Cruces (USA) is seeking applicants for two (2) Programmer Analyst, Sr positions with a focus on building a Landscape Data Commons in support of research activities for the Jornada Experimental Range, Bureau of Land Management, and Natural Resources Conservation Service. Duties include:

• Establish and maintain metadata, quality assurance, and quality control protocols for sediment transport, meteorological and ecological databases.

• Develop a database system and ingestion scripts that enable integration of national ecological monitoring databases maintained by e.g., the Bureau of Land Management, Natural Resources Conservation Service, and the National Wind Erosion Research Network. 

• Maintain and ensure quality of databases.

• Develop data extraction tools to couple monitoring databases with aeolian sediment transport models, water erosion models, and rangeland production models.

• Build analysis and web tools to link monitoring databases to researchers and land managers.


A detailed position description can be found at: https://jobs.nmsu.edu/postings/33603


For more information, please contact Sarah McCord (Sarah.McCord@ARS.USDA.GOV) or Nick Webb (nwebb@nmsu.edu).






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