[Met-jobs] Associate Research Scientist in Experimental Atmospheric Sciences

Associate Research Scientist in Experimental Atmospheric Sciences

date: 26 March 2019

Cyprus Institute (CyI) is a non-profit research and educational institution with a strong scientific and technological orientation, emphasizing international collaborations and cross-disciplinary research and post graduate education. CyI, through its established
research centers, addresses challenging issues that are important at both the regional and international levels. Many of its research activities are being carried out in partnership with leading institutions in the respective thematic areas.

The Facility for Chemical Analyses (FCA) of the Cyprus Institute gathers the latest trace analytical techniques for environmental samples (such as atmospheric aerosols and gases) following international, standardized operating procedures in compliance with
EU environmental directives.  Combining high tech (mass spectrometer) instrumentation and a team of experienced engineers, FCA provides a large range of quality controlled chemical analyses relevant for Air quality.

In the framework of the RPF AQ-SERVE project, a large range of atmospheric aerosol filter samples (PM2.5/PM10) will be analysed at FCA for the main chemical components: ions (with ion chromatography), carbon (with thermo-optical method), carbohydrates (with
amperometry detection), trace metals (by ICP-MS) and trace organics (by GC-MS).

The successful candidate will be responsible for these chemical analyses (sample preparation and analysis) and to establish a quality controlled exhaustive chemical database of PM for Cyprus. S/he will also be responsible for the scientific exploitation of
this database (communications, publications) and will perform PM source apportionment by the means of statistical (Positive Matrix Factorization) models.

Please see the attachment for full details.

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