[Met-jobs] 2 PRDA positions: Arctic clouds and boundary layer processes

2 PDRA positions to study Arctic cloud and boundary layer processes
using in situ and remote sensing (radar, lidar) measurements coupled
with modelling studies. Potential to participate in the research
campaign in the central Arctic Ocean, summer 2018.


Contact me with any questions or to discuss the positions further.

Ian Brooks

[Met-jobs] Postdoctoral Position in Solar Induced Fluorescence and Carbon Cycle Research at UCLA (Jochen Stutz)

[ES_JOBS_NET] Fwd: **New Vacancies at ECMWF**

Please consider applying! a range of exciting opportunities (from director to team leader and analyst).

Circulate as widely as possible among women networks


[GilbertClub] Geoscience Manager Position at Idaho Geological Survey

[Fluxnet-Community] PhD position: Changing land-­‐atmosphere interactions at the southern limit of permafrost distribution in the northwestern Canadian boreal zone (start: September 2018)

Hello, we are looking for a highly motivated individual
for a PhD position focusing on changes in boreal forest functioning in response
to rapidly changing permafrost conditions in the northwestern Canadian boreal
zone. Co-supervised by Dr. Oliver Sonnentag/Université de Montréal and Dr.
Jennifer Baltzer/Wilfrid Laurier University, the position is located in the
Département de géographie at Université de Montréal with regular visits to
Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo, ON.  Funding includes a four-year stipend
for the graduate student ($21,000/year), and travel and field expenses. The graduate student will be expected to apply
for external funding sources.

The project focuses on a better understanding of
land-atmosphere interactions by studying ecosystem-, plot- and leaf-scale
measurements of carbon, water and heat fluxes made with the eddy covariance and
different chamber techniques (LI-6400, LGR Ultraportable Greenhouse Gas
Analyzer). The study area consists of two research sites in the Northwest
Territories near the southern limit of permafrost in northwestern Canada,
Scotty Creek (boreal peat landscape with sporadic permafrost) near Fort Simpson
and Smith Creek (boreal peat landscape with discontinuous permafrost) near
Wrigley, around 200 km north of Scotty Creek. Permafrost along the southern limit
of its distribution undergoes dramatic changes in hydrological regimes due to
rapid permafrost thaw. At Scotty Creek these changes lead to wetland expansion
at the expense of boreal forest coverage. The project aims to expand on ongoing
eddy covariance and chamber measurements at Scotty Creek in comparison to the
recently instrumented Smith Creek research site. More specifically, the PhD student
will examine if permafrost thaw-induced changes in land-atmosphere interactions
observed at Scotty Creek can be used to project similar changes at Smith Creek
as the regional climate keeps getting warmer.

Ideal applicant for the PhD position should have

a strong quantitative and technical
background obtained through a Master’s or Diploma degree in ecology, biogeosciences,
environmental science, etc.;

previous exposure to some aspects of the
project (e.g., high latitude ecosystems/ecohydrology /biogeochemistry);

(some) wilderness outdoor experience as
the project requires frequent traveling to and extended stays at the sites;

the ability to work independently and
effectively as part of a team setting consisting of researchers from various Canadian
universities (Wilfrid Laurier University, Université de Montrèal, McGill
University, University of Guelph);

proficiency in English (the Université
de Montréal is a francophone research university, so knowledge of French is of
great advantage but not mandatory).

Please email questions regarding the PhD
position/admission process and application packages consisting of cover letter,
curriculum vitae, an English writing sample (ideally a publication), copies of
academic credentials, and names and contact information of at least two
referees to:

oliver.sonnentag *at* umontreal.ca

jbaltzer *at* wlu.ca

The review of applications will commence immediately
until the position is filled.



[ES_JOBS_NET] postdoctoral scientists in Oceanography, NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies (GISS)

[ES_JOBS_NET] postdoctoral research scientists, Climate Modeling and Analysis Group at the Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory, Columbia University

[Caglist] Doreen Boyd’s work on detecting slavery from space

[Met-jobs] Phd Thesis offer at LaMP (France)

Please find a Phd Thesis offer, at the Laboratoire de Météorologie
Physique (LaMP) at Clermont Ferrand, at France.

The CNES (Centre National des Etudes Spatiales) provides funding for
this Phd thesis.

To apply for this Phd thesis, please visit the CNES link :


The deadline is Mach 31,  2018.

Thank you very much,

Frédéric Szczap

[ES_JOBS_NET] Funded PhD studentship at Lancaster University, UK