[ES_JOBS_NET] Two Postdoc Positions at JPL/Caltech

[ES_JOBS_NET] Postdoctoral Researcher Position, Modeling PM2.5, University of North Carolina- Chapel Hill

[ES_JOBS_NET] NPS Future Park Leaders internship Application Period Open through Jan. 26

Please spread the word to students that NPS’s Future Park Leaders of Emerging Change student internship (formerly Young Leaders in Climate Change and before that George Melendez Wright Climate Change Youth Initiative, whatever it’s called it’s a great program) application period is now open, and will run through January 26. This super internship program has Direct Hire Authority.  Students can view and apply for all open FPL positions by visiting futureparkleaders.org

[Met-jobs] Two Postdoc Positions at JPL/Caltech

[Met-jobs] Postdoctoral Research Associate Position: Sydney

Postdoctoral Research Associate
A regional coupled climate model for Australia: importance of high-resolution air-sea interactions for simulating present-day and future climate

The project aim is to quantify and understand how small-scale, rapidly evolving ocean and atmosphere phenomena (e.g. ocean eddies, weather systems) that are poorly resolved in coarse-resolution Global Climate Models (GCMs) and air-sea interactions absent from
high-resolution Regional Climate Models (RCMs), alter the simulation of local climate, and how these factors modify future climate projections. 

Key Criteria include:

• PhD or equivalent qualification in physical oceanography, atmospheric dynamics or physical climate science.

• Experience in running and/or analysing output from ocean, atmosphere or coupled models.

• An understanding of small-scale ocean processes and/or air-sea interactions.

• Excellent oral and written communication skills.

The position is based at the Climate Change Research Centre (http://ift.tt/1xAeR6E), University of New South Wales. The CCRC houses research expertise in atmospheric dynamics, physical oceanography and
terrestrial processes.

Please apply online at http://ift.tt/2nVutEP
For further information please contact Alex Sen Gupta (a.sengupta@unsw.edu.au)


  Alex Sen Gupta

  Climate Change Research Centre (CCRC)

  Faculty of Science

  The University of New South Wales    Telephone: +61-2-9385-8951

  UNSW  SYDNEY  NSW  2052              Facsimile: +61-2-9385-8969

  Australia                            E-mail: a.sengupta@unsw.edu.au

  Personal website: http://ift.tt/2C9Kpq0

  CCRC website: http://ift.tt/1xAeR6E


[GilbertClub] Searching for a Dean for Swenson College of Science and Engineering at the University of Minnesota Duluth

We are searching for a new Dean for the Swenson College of Science and Engineering at the University of Minnesota Duluth.  The full ad is listed below.  Please consider applying!  If you have any questions about SCSE, UMD, or Duluth, feel free to ask me (kgran@d.umn.edu) or contact the chair of the search committee, Dr. Erik Brown (etbrown@d.umn.edu).

Karen Gran

[GilbertClub] UC San Diego Asst. Professor position in Low-temperature Geochemistry


Recruitment is open for an Assistant Professor faculty position at Scripps Institution of Oceanography within UC San Diego in the area of Low-temperature Geochemistry.  This includes surface processes and Critical Zone Science. I can attest that it is a wonderful place to work and live. 

I’ll be at AGU and Gilbert Club – don’t hesitate to contact me with questions.  See the attachment for the ad language. For full consideration, please apply by January 31, 2018. Low Temp Geochem: http://ift.tt/2ku8yzg



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[GilbertClub] Still one or two PhD positions in soil geomorphology at department of Geography, Kansas State University

[Met-jobs] PhD project on atmospheric gravity waves

Dear future PhD researchers,

In the HITEC PhD scholarship program there is a project on atmospheric
gravity waves explored with the German research aircraft HALO. Winning
the scholarship, the PhD candidate would participate in a measurement
campaign from South America, contribute to the campaign flight planning
and the measurement operations of the infrared limb imager GLORIA,
retrieve 3D distributions of the observed wave field and interpret the
findings with the help of modelling. More information can
be found at


Deadline for the application is 7 January 2018

We are looking forward to your application

Peter Preusse

[Met-jobs] PhD Studentship in Winter Road Maintenance